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// SMUDGE - Grown Up X-Mas List //

// SMUDGE - Grown Up X-Mas List //

As a "grown adult" all I want for Christmas honestly is nothing more than the health and happiness of the people I love....seriously.....buuuut ok fine if I was to write Santa a list:

  • Kate Spade Initial Cutting Board: I love to cook and I think any home cook / chef (??) would agree second to good knives is a good cutting board and this gorgeous piece with an M would be perf.

  • Janessa Leone 'Stephan' Hat: All of Janessa's hats are droll worthy but of course I'm lusting after the black and gold one. *Her hats come in Small, Medium, and Large... if your wondering which you are size up! I am usually standard size in hats but her medium fit me too snug.

  • NARS Audacious Lipstick in Lana and Anita: I know everyone is clamoring after Charlotte and Liv shade wise from this velvety perfection of a 20th anniversary lipstick collection....but is it creepy that I want the two lipsticks named after my two most personal influential muses? ( Lana Del Rey + Anita Pallenberg )

  • Friends 'Taylor' Black and Gold Headphones: While these would be substantially cooler if I rode some sort of pubic transit or even walked anywhere once in a while but considering I drive anywhere I need to go in LA I will settle for wearing these my bedroom....alone.

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