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Moroccan Argan Oil Review

// SMUDGE - Moroccanoil® Product Review aka Argan Oil has changed my life! //

In partnership with Moroccanoil®, the pioneers of argan oil-infused beauty, I was given the opportunity to try 4 argan oil packed skin / hair products. Each of these Moroccanoil® products can stand out on their own but when I used them all at the same time….my hair / skin was so soft and smelled so amazing I seriously felt like Cleopatra. I also have never applied straight oil directly to my face before and the results even have this beauty product junkie SURPRISED! Read on to found out why:

Moroccanoil® Pure Argan Oil - Oddly enough this was the product I was least excited to try but turned out to be my biggest beauty obsession. This ladies and (possibly gentlemen) is straight up pure argan oil from Morocco and it's just as luxurious as it sounds. Argan Oil is full of antioxidants, essentail fatty acids, UV protectors, and vitamin E which revitalize not only the skin but helps restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. There are no fancy fragrances or additives in this product which I thought was going to make it boring (hello the best part about Moroccanoil® products is that amazing smell right?! or so I thought) but the simplicity of this product is what makes it so versatile. My favorite use of the Pure Argan Oil is putting a couple drops on my finger tips and massaging the oil onto my just washed face (pictured above). This oil melts into your skin easily, DOES NOT FEEL GREASY, and my face has never felt this soft (really, I have been having my friends and family touch my cheeks and they were all in shock). Another amazing plus to this product besides being an amazing free-radical neutralizer is that my makeup foundation application is easier and looks much more natural. When using the Pure Argan Oil as a moisterizer / make-up primer my foundation looks one with my skin and not like a cakey mask! I also have been adding a couple drops of the Pure Argan Oil into my body moisturizer so my whole self feels crazy soft and pampered.

Moroccanoil® Treatment Light- The only product I had tried previously of Moroccanoil® was the infamous Moroccanoil® Treatment Original which made my hair super soft and smell like what I would imagine heaven smells like BUT it did tend to make my naturally oily hair get greasier even faster (I know really cute right). So I was super excited to try the Moroccanoil® Treatment Light which is formulated for the delicate needs of light-colored and fine hair. I applied the product to brushed wet hair then dried and sure enough silky locks that smelled amazing were produced without any extra oiliness going on. I am a very happy non-greasy haired beauty blogger with the addition of this product to their line.

Moroccanoil® Restorative Hair Mask- This is a super rich hair mask which thanks to the argan oil, reparative proteins, and shea butter took my very weathered hair (I use a hot tool almost everyday) and gave it new life. Just apply this luxurious mask to damp hair in the shower, let it sit for 5-7 mins while you shave your legs, let it air dry, and then take pleasure in all the glory that is your super soft healthy hair. I have been doing this every sunday so I have awesome hair days all week long.

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo- This hydrating argan oil, Vitamins A /E, and moisture-attracting red algae shampoo does the moisturizing trick without leaving your hair flat. When first applying the product to your scalp it does has a molasses like consistancy but once you get a lather going it’s good to go at leaving your hair feeling clean and weightless while providing optimal hydration for both normal and color-treated hair. Oh and of course, once again leaving your hair smelling fantastic.

So like I mentioned at the beginning, all these products worked great and were extremtly impressive when used separately but when using them all at once…..I legit felt (and smelled) like royalty. Comment below if you have any questions!

This post was sponsored by Moroccanoil


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