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Best Tortilla Soup Recipe….Ever

​// SMUDGE - Best Tortilla Soup Recipe….Ever //

Once you eat this tortilla soup you will forever be jaded and wish they all tasted like this one. My obsession with tortilla soup started when I had the most mind blowingly delish version of the soup at a restaurant called Mama Rita’s years ago. Unfortunately they went out of business and I basically cried because I knew I would be forever longing for their soup. So I set out to make my own badass version. After tweaking recipes I found online I created this amazing recipe that is the closest thing to tortilla soup perfection that I can now put in my mouth. You may want to double the recipe because it is SO GOOD you will want to eat it for days.

Best Tortilla Soup Ever

Ingredients for Soup:

  • 3 tablespoons olive oil

  • 1 ½ cup chopped white onion

  • 3 cloves of chopped garlic

  • 1 pasilla pepper seeded and chopped

  • 1 jalapeno pepper seeded and chopped

  • 1 tablespoon salt

  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin

  • 1 tablespoon ground coriander

  • 2 tablespoon tomato paste

  • 6 cups chicken stock

  • 1 rotisserie chicken, meat removed and chopped

  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice

  • ¼ cup fresh cilantro leaves chopped

  • ¼ cup fresh green onion chopped

Ingredients for Soup Toppings:

  • 2 avocados chopped into cubes

  • sour cream

  • chopped green onion

  • lime wedges

Ingredients for Fried Tortilla Strips:

  • 6 corn tortillas sliced into long strips

  • 2 cups of vegetable oil for frying

  • seasoning salt


  1. In a large heavy pot saute the olive oil, white onion, garlic, peppers, salt, coriander, and cumin for 10 minutes on medium heat.

  2. Add the tomato paste to the mixture and saute for 4 more minutes.

  3. Add the chicken stock and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes.

  4. Add the chopped chicken and simmer for 10 more minutes.

  5. Add the cilantro, green onions, and lime juice and simmer for 3 more minutes.

  6. Turn off heat and cover to keep warm.

  7. Heat vegetable oil in a skillet till it is 350 degrees. Add the sliced tortilla strips in batches and fry until golden and crispy. Remove and drain on a plate covered in paper towels. Sprinkle with seasoning salt.

  8. Spoon soup into bowls and top with fried tortilla strps, avocado cubes, dallops of soup cream, chopped green onions, and more lime to taste.

  9. ENJOY!!!!

Serves 4-6

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