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Instagram Opportunities You Can’t Miss in Paris

// SMUDGE- Instagram Opportunities You Can’t Miss in Paris //

One of the many reasons why I adore Paris so much is that 99% of the time no matter where you look there is always something extraordinarily awesome to see. In the era of Instagram, Paris has a post worthy opportunity around every corner ( and at every meal if you're like me and love taking pictures of your food almost more than eating it). But this can honestly be overwhelming especially if you only have a short period of time in this gorgeous babe of a city and FOMO can set in hard. So I have compiled a list of my favorite insta-worthy spots in Paris that should help take some of the guesswork out of getting the perfect social media approved shots.

Ob-La-Di Cafe- Between the @ihavethisthingwithfloors featured tile, marbled countertops, on point coffee art, perfect pomegranate topped avo toast, and other random cool decor, Ob-La-Di is everything anyone would ever want for the perfect getting coffee in Paris insta post.

Rue Montorgueil- This out of a Parisian dream street in the 2nd is lined with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, cheese / wine shops, produce stands, flower shops, enchanting passageways....basically Rue Montorgueil has all the daily necessities for the perfect French life and the perfect lifestyle shot to go with it. Also if you are into Thai food (well even if you aren't ) you must stop by Silk & Spice, I became a weekly regular there, this is Thai food that will change your damn life.

Cafe Oberkampf- The baked eggs I had at Cafe Oberkampf were out of this world and super photogenic, as well as everything else on their short but sweet menu from what I creeped on the other tables around me.

Palais De Tokyo- Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, Palais De Tokyo is a total visual trip you out experience. I saw things I never could have imagined getting to see ( like a jacket made out of bee’s wings or art etched into smoked glass ) which made for amazing pics that provided this unique experience to my insta followers as well. Seriously Palais De Tokyo is mind blowing.

Paperboy Paris- This place is open on Sundays ( which in Paris is a major plus ) and there is usually a wait but TOTALLY worth it. Paperboy Paris's brunch menu put all brunches I’ve had in America to shame and the fresh peanut butter and jelly that's served to smear on your bread is randomly really epic.

Rue Crémieux- This beautifully paved street lined with pastel painted houses will get you the perfect I-am-in-Pairs- on-the-prettiest-damn-street-you’ve-ever-seen-before pics.

Ty Billig Creperie- Not only is this traditional creperie flippin adorable for insta purposes but Ty Billig served the best crepes I had the entire time I was in Paris, so I came back on numerous occasions. If you are down in the Montparnasse area of Paris Ty Billing can’t be missed.

Versailles- I highly recommend jumping on the 30 min. train to the wealthy suburb of Paris and take in all the beauty that is Versailles. Of course you need to spend an hour or so to walk around the Gardens of Versailles but DO NOT take the claustrophobic nightmare of a tour through the inside of the Palace. Use that time instead to wander around the charming town with its cute little shops that have been there forever under gorgeous huge skies.

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