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Clarins Paris Flagship Store + My Daily Skincare Regimen Product Review

// SMUDGE - Clarins Paris Flagship Store Visit + My Daily Skincare Regimen Product Review //

While I was in estheticien school in my early 20′s I worked for Benefit Cosmetics at a Macy*s make-up counter. Next to said counter was Clarins, a french skincare/cosmetics company unknown to me at the time. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice the fabulous looking skin of the woman who purchased their product. I had to get my hands on the stuff and sure enough I have been hooked for the last 5 years.

Clarins obviously has a price point greater than drug store skincare products but seriously the appearance of your skin is worth the higher price tag. I had a bride come to me for a make-up trial two weeks before her wedding day with dry, flaky, and irradiated skin. After the Clarins prescription I wrote her by the day of the wedding her skin was glowing and flawless, she almost couldn’t believe it, and to this day will send me pics of her latest Clarins haul thankful.

Being such a Clarins junkie I was super excited to go into the actual Paris Clarins store ( 10 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris ) instead of a cosmetics counter when my must-have products needed refilling on my current trip. Of course, the store was fabulous with a super helpful staff giving me samples like candy….I was in skincare heaven. I also thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share a review of my daily Clarins skincare regimen that I live and swear by:

  • Body Lift Cellulite Control - Ok so I know there are tons of products on the market that claim to get rid of the stupid annoying cellulite 98% of all women have to deal with and honestly I’m not really even sure if this lotion works ( was it the lotion or walking at least 5-10 miles a day in Paris for 2 months?!?). But it does make the skin on my legs look absolutely fabulous. The only way I can describe it is my legs have that firm glowyness about them like when I was 16….so I’m a major fan.

  • One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser - I swear this is the best exfoliating facial product EVER. I use this every morning and it really is gentle enough for daily use. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling super smooth after buffing away dry skin and unclogging pores. It also has a refreshing citrus smell which is a perfect pick-me-up for us I hate the morning people. So throw your overly harsh St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the trash and pick this baby up, your skin will thank you. I would recommend this for all skin types.

  • Multi-Active Day Early Correction Cream-Gel - Clarins Multi-Active skincare line is their beginning stage for wrinkle prevention and correction. Meant for women in there 20-30s, this lotion fights free radicals ( aka all the crap and pollution floating around in the air ) with continuous antioxidant defense, has intense radiance-boosting action which leaves skin glowing, and really smells amazing and feels like your being pampered every morning when applied. I use the cream-gel which is nice and light and perfect for normal, combination, or oily skin, they also have formulas for dry.

  • Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream - While the day cream protects and defends your skin from elements that cause aging, the Multi-Active night cream helps renew and repair your skin. Thus you wake up with super soft skin that looks like you slept a solid eight even if that wasn’t the case.

  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter - So I am absolutely obsessed with this face wash because: 1) it melts away all my make-up from the day without irritating my super sensitive eyes 2) leaves my skin feeling baby soft and not tight and dry like some cleansers 3) a little goes along way and this tube will last me at least 3 months. I would recommend this for normal to dry skin, for oily skin try their Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed

So there you have it, the products my skin owes all its credit to! Leave a comment with any questions or feedback! xo

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