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Easy 10 Minute Everyday Glam Make-up

// SMUDGE - Easy 10 Minute Everyday Glam Make-up //

At this point in my life I have mastered a very easy, daily make-up, that *bonus* looks like it took way more time/energy than it actually does. As a make-up artist I really do enjoy the “me time” I take every morning to get myself looking presentable for the world. I used to love playing with crazy eye shadow or lipstick colors and coming up with new make-up looks everyday! At this stage in my life though I really don't have time for that ( nor does my fiancé have the patience when waiting on me ). Thus my go-to make-up has evolved into this super easy yet everyday glam look that takes about 10 minutes :

Well there you have it, easy glam in ten mins. If I’m wanting to feel extra fancy I’ll add a winged liner or for going out I’ll add more MAC Carbon eye shadow and throw on some fake lashes.

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