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Château Lynch‑Bages Private Tour

// SMUDGE - Château Lynch‑Bages Private Tour //

I had the wonderful privilege of taking a private tour of the Château Lynch‑Bages with the wonderful CEO of the place, Charles. Located in the adorable little French winery town of Pauillac, Lynch‑Bages has been making wines since 1749 and still has the original vat-house available for tour, which represents a rare example of traditional wine making equipment. During the wine tasting portion I were given the chance to try some delicious reds that are not even on the market. Of all the wines my absolute favorite was the crisp Blanc de Lych-Bages white wine. Between my heavenly lunch before hand at Café-Lavinal and the unforgettable tour of Château Lynch‑Bages, this was the absolute perfect day in the French wine country.

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