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French Wine Tasting and Café Lavinal Review

// SMUDGE - French Wine Tasting and Café Lavinal Review //

  • JACKET: Helmut Lang White Blazer / similar

  • PANTS: Kate Spade Cropped Trousers / similar

Before going wine tasting in the French country side at Lynch Bages Chateau, I had lunch at the Michelin reviewed restaurant Café Lavinal in the gorgeous little town of Pauillac.

I had sauteed scallops with leek fondue in a lemon coconut sauce, it was beyond heavenly and the scallops were cooked to perfection. My dessert of poached pear, over ice cream , under some kind of brownie situation, with warm chocolate sauce was...orgasmic.The crispness of the poached pear cut the richness of the chocolate perfectly.

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