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Why This is My Fav Little Random Cafe in Paris

// SMUDGE - Why This is My Fav Little Random Cafe in Paris //

My first afternoon (well my second afternoon technically since the first one was spent jet lagged passed out) returning to my beloved city of Paris was to be spent no other way then with a visit to Bar du marche des Blancs Manteaux.

When I first came to Paris three years ago on an impromptu trip to visit my Aunt (I literally got a passport in 24 hours, yes it’s possible) our first afternoon was spent shopping while wandering through the streets of the 3rd arrondissement. We stumbled upon this little place and honestly went inside because of the Free Wifi sign. I then ordered my first savory crepe since arriving. The crepe consisted of salmon with a creamy chive sauce and my mind was blown. It was so simple but so out of this world delicious, I never forgot it.

I then returned to Paris the next year for New Years and my birthday. I knew there was nothing else I would rather enjoy in the world for lunch on my 24th birthday then that damn marvelous salmon crepe. So I sought out the cafe once more and was so excited when sitting down I wanted to relay every detail of my story to the waiter but I unfortunately don't speak french and like most French waiters he was pretty straight to the point. So I sighed and ordered my food like a normal person. As it turns out though the darling couple next to me were from the UK and asked me if I had any suggestions on the menu and I was like DO I HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!??? I of course told them my whole story and they ended up joining me and treating me for my birthday lunch. To this day we are still fbook friends.

2015 and two years later the place hasn't changed a bit.......well other than not serving savory crepes any more lol I know sad day, but they still have their killer mojitos, free wifi, a gorgeous atmosphere and everything else I have eaten there on my current trip thus far has been delectable as well.

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