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Books I read before Paris

// SMUDGE - Books I read before Paris //

Exactly one week from today I will be boarding a plane, one-way tickets in hand, to my favorite place in the world, PARIS. I of course have been pouring myself over Paris themed book’s since the tickets were officially booked. My previous trips to Pairs were a week or two at most and I frantically did all I could at every moment to soak it all in. Since this trip is currently open ended, I want to discover as much of shopping, food, romantic spots, art, etc. that Paris has to offer……while at a local’s pace… because clearly in my mind I will be pretending to be one.

BOOKS ( top to bottom of stack ):

  • Paris by CITI x 60 - Written by 60 local “creatives” it is basically the hipster bible of Paris, love it cause doesn’t everyone have their hipster moments these days?

  • Hungry For Paris by Alexander Lobrando - Alex is a legendary food writer ( who also has an amazing blog as well ) that takes you through the 109 best restaurants in Pairs, * warning * though this book makes you very hungry.

  • Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange- I read and sticky noted the $h!t out of this book in one sitting. Her fantastic take on classic style alone is worth reading this book, then she gives you local intel on the best Parisian places to shop and their “must haves”.

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