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Glossier Detoxifying and Moisturizing Face Mask

// SMUDGE - Glossier Detoxifying and Moisturizing Face Mask //

Glossier has two new face masks that my skin is beyond thanking me for trying out.

  • The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Detoxifying Mask is described by Glossier as “a juice cleanse for your face”. My skin was honestly ridiculously smooth and plumed with nourishment. I was so impressed with this product I couldn't help but use it again the next night.

  • I found the Moisturizing Moon Mask to be a simply delightful refreshment for my skin as well as making it feel baby butt soft. I spent all day on Saturday out on the Venice beach boardwalk and my overly sun kissed face was beyond grateful for the Moon Mask that night.

Well Glossier you've done it again, two more products my skin and I are totally obsessed with.

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