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// SMUDGE - Gold Chair DIY //

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// SMUDGE - Gold Chair DIY //

Do you have some drab Ikea chairs that need a quick makeover? This DIY is so simple to take chairs from ugh to sexy in about 30 minutes.

  • STEP ONE: Flip over your chair and asses what tool will be needed to unscrew it. I ended up taking an iphone pic and the dude at Do-It Center showed me what 70 cent “hex wrench” I needed to unscrew my chair. Also pic up a can of Gold Metallic Spray Paint.

  • STEP TWO: Lay the disassembled legs on an old sheet or tarp and spray one side. After ten minutes flip over and spray the other side.

  • STEP THREE: I then waited an hour before putting the chairs completely back together then VOI LA!!! My chairs had new meaning to their Ikea lives.

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