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// SMUDGE - NAKED On The Run Palette Review //

// SMUDGE - NAKED On The Run Palette Review //

I am a huge fan of the first three Urban Decay NAKED Palettes so I of course had to get my hands on the latest NAKED On The Run. Sadly, I am pretty disappointed.

  • while beautiful to look at, the palette is pretty damn heavy and large to be "on the run" with it

  • the golden brown eye shadow all the way to the right called Stun is absolutely gorgeous, my fav part of the palette, made for a beautiful brown hued smokey eye along with the other shadows

  • I was bummed the eyeliner was a brown shade and not black, I'd have to bring some other black eye product with me to finish off the smokey eye

  • the blush is sooooo pink and totally clashed with the bronzey eye shadows/ lipgloss when on my face

All and all, NAKED On The Run is probably worth skipping or go out and buy NAKED 1 if your insane and haven't already.

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