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// SMUDGE - (PLA)beauty review //

// SMUDGE - (PLA)beauty review //

Smudge received a (PLA)beauty lip gloss in the November Wantable Box and unfortunately it was a faulty lip gloss that leaked. The founder of (PLA)beauty Stephanie Green Bass read our review and promptly contacted us to apologize, sent another lip gloss our way, as well as more products from their line to try out. Upon the arrival of these products we read up on the company to find out they donate a portion of all their sales to the Children's Hospital of Atlanta! Our outlook on (PLA)beauty now is very impressed by their founder, company, and products:

  • Glam Lip Gloss in Sheer Beauty: This shiny but not sticky gloss looks bright fuchsia in the tube but is a pretty sheer pink on the lips. Great for a low maintenance quick fix.

  • Glam Lip Gloss in Bella: This nude pearl finish lip gloss is def. an attention getter with tons of shine and shimmer. Great for a night out when you're feelin Jlo sassy.

  • Holy Grail Mascara: This mascara truly took me by surprise. I am a complete Cover Girl Lash Blast devotee but the curling effect of this Holy Grail Mascara practically blew me away. I don't have super straight nor necessarily curly lashes but this mascara straight up made me look liked I had just jammed my eyelashes in one of those creepy eyelash curlers without any of the pinching of my eyelids or possible death. My eyelashes looked super curled and even longer! I topped it off with a bit of my Lash Blast for extra thickness because I'm crazy about volume but seriously the curl and length I got from the Holy Grail Mascara was basically magical.

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