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// SMUDGE - Glossier Review //

// SMUDGE - Glossier Review //

I have been beyond enjoying the Glossier products in the perfect SOCAL beach weather but a Thanksgiving trip to cold mountain skin drying air proved these products are no joke.

  • Priming Moisturizer: This moisturizer really does make your skin look photo shoot worthy dewy with a side of "I don't even need to wear makeup!" healthy WITHOUT being overly greasy. And no perfumey scent thank goodness. My skin was literally sucking this s&%t up at my cabin.

  • Soothing Face Mist: I apply this cooling rosewater/aloe spray before the moisturizer and pretty much whenever throughout the day my skin is feeling less than up to par. If my skin feels dry, greasy, cake facey, or I just need a pick me up, this stuff does the trick instantly. Obsessed.

  • Balm Dotcom: I have a strong feeling this skin slave is going to quickly become a cult favorite. I have been smearing this 100% natural balm pretty much everywhere and can't get enough of it. Obvi it is amazing on the lips and last through drinking (and smooches) but it was such a life saver on my stupid chapped red hands from the cold mountain air. Oh, and sorry bout the TMI but if your nose gets irritated from blowing it Balm Dotcom is great at soothing irritation and redness around your cute lil nose.

  • Perfecting Skin Tint (not pictured): This skin tint comes in three shades. I ordered medium and was surprised at how well it matched to my skin. The Perfecting Skin Tint melted into my skin the way a bb cream does and I really enjoyed the light coverage. Only thing I experienced negative is as the day goes on it does tend to make me feel a bit greasy. Nothing a little Soothing Face Mist didn't remedy.

TO GET ALL THIS AMAZING STUFFS TOGETHER (plus cute stickers to decorate your products) : Glossier Phase 1 Set

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